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Trio creates workflows without wires

28 March 2013
Trio creates workflows without wires

Three companies have formed an alliance to take advantage of Wifi and the cloud to streamline production workflows. Timecode Systems, PureBlend and Forbidden Technologies have created a joined-up system which streamlines logging production metadata and getting it into the edit. Timecode Systems is the company behind the Timecode Buddy, an innovative approach to distributing timecode to multiple cameras and sound recordists around a production, eliminating the need to bring everything together routinely to sync timecodes. It has been working for some time with PureBlend, the developer of MovieSlate, which puts not just a clapper board but a shot log and notepad on an iPhone or iPad. Now the partnership has been joined by Forbidden Technologies, leader in cloud-based editing systems. ForScene is a post production platform in an SaaS package which has been widely used by major broadcasters, particularly for location shoots. The ForScene cloud allows the centralisation of all material, opening up collaborative workflows by any user from a web browser. What the three companies bring by working together is seamless integration of the logging process, with complete timecode accuracy, feeding into the ForScene editing environment. Editors, wherever they are, will have access to all the location-based logging notes.“This collaboration is a match made in heaven,” said Paul Scurrell, founder of Timecode Systems. “Exporting location content metadata directly from MovieSlate into ForScene will not only drastically speed up the logging process, it should ensure a higher quality of content notes. The collaboration is a no-brainer.” Jason Cowan of Forbidden Technologies added “Having content notes with accurate timecode, reliably synced over Wifi into iOS, and then intelligent live realtime logging will be a real value to our existing ForScene clients.”

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