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TriCaster captures singing Legend

10 January 2012
TriCaster captures singing Legend

When John Legend took part in World of Betters, a global charity event, performing at the Châtelet Music Theatre in Paris recently, the concert was streamed live via NewTek’s TriCaster, writes David Fox.

The live streaming was done by EV Corp., which did the video production on the concert, mixing on a TriCaster 850 Extreme, and uplinking the satellite connection via an SNG vehicle.

“We like to promote TriCaster for our events”, said Olivier Hurtault, production manager at EV Corporate. “This is a great tool as it does it all. In a small space, like a theatre, we can integrate our production, park an SNG outside and produce instantly live on the web”.

EV Corp only had a week’s notice before the event, and chose TriCaster as the ideal solution to set up a production so quickly. “TriCaster is so versatile that it is not a problem for us to plan everything and be up and ready for production in a week," he said.

The company uses TriCaster’s virtual set capability a lot. “Not that it is widely used in France yet; but it is still a great tool to demonstrate TriCaster’s capabilities. Only a few switchers on the market now do all that TriCaster can do," he added. Highlights of the live stream with Legend, Ayo and Parisian street musicians, can be seen at and on YouTube.


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