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Tools and algorithms for a stronger voice

19 March 2013
Tools and algorithms for a stronger voice

Designed to make life easier for engineers working in radio and television production, the V*AP processor is the latest addition to Jünger Audio’s *AP product range. V*AP draws on the company’s extensive experience with previous voice processing devices such as its v-series, but adds new tools and algorithms to create a new, easier and more efficient approach to voice processing with no compromise in sound quality. V*AP’s main task is to offer perfect control of microphone recordings but Jünger Audio has also included processing such as HP/LP filtering, dynamic section, full parametric EQ and de-essing. All of the V*AP functions can be easily performed, making it hassle free for any journalist or reporter to use. Jünger Audio has also provided a dedicated voice leveler combined with a voice over circuit to help integrate voice programs into loudness-based broadcasting on the fly. At NAB 2013, Jünger Audio is also showing its M*AP audio loudness processor, which combines an audio monitor controller and a loudness measurement device in one unit. The company completes its NAB line-up with the T*AP TV Audio Processor and Loudness Logger, a powerful tool that offers customers of all Jünger Audio levelling processors an easy way to monitor the development of the loudness over time. C2333

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