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TNS chooses Pro-Bel for ITV playout

10 January 2008

Technicolor Network Services has selected automation, ingest and media management technology from Pro-Bel to power its transmission centres that handle the delivery of all of ITV’s analogue and digital channels.

In late 2006, as part of an overall outsourcing agreement, Technicolor Network Services began managing the staff and operations of ITV’s northern and southern playout centres in Leeds and London. These centres handle the playout of the ITV network channels and also delivery of content to other platforms. As part of that contract, Technicolor Network Services was tasked with upgrading and future-proofing these operations and moving them into a fully digital environment.

“ITV has taken the opportunity to focus on its core business, therefore creating the opportunity for us to provide ITV with significantly enhanced technical and operational capabilities,” said Maurizio Cimelli, senior VP and head of global commercial services, Technicolor Network Services. “We offer a range of innovations and a huge portfolio of skills and assets to facilitate ITV achieving its objectives.”

Pro-Bel is providing its Morpheus automation system, including ingest and media management capabilities, to enable the transformation of the two playout centres. The southern centre is to be relocated to a brand new site in Chiswick Park, London, while the northern centre in Leeds in being refurbished. The project is well underway.

“The scale and reach of this project is huge and what it will allow ITV to achieve is truly groundbreaking,” commented Graham Pitman, CEO, Pro-Bel. “We can enable a seamless transition, in terms of existing workflows, while offering the ability to expand into new platforms, channels and methodologies. Morpheus is right at the heart of this.”

Cimelli added: “When it comes to technology selection, we are constantly looking not only at today’s requirements but how these technologies will scale and enable customers to move across a sometimes unclear future. With our use of Morpheus in London and Singapore, we know its capabilities. We felt there is a clear commitment from Pro-Bel to continue investing in the future of this product.”

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