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TMD provides portable content and metadata access

14 June 2012
TMD provides portable content and metadata access

TMD, the provider of asset management systems for digital and physical assets, has added to the power of its workflows in post production with the introduction of i-mediaflex Mobile. This adds the capability of accessing content and metadata from a tablet or smartphone. i-mediaflex is a web-enabled solution for asset and business process management, for both digital and analogue content. TMD has added apps for iPads, Android tablets and smartphones. Producers can view content on the device, add notes to the metadata, and either approve the content or send it back for further work. “This development was suggested by one of our current major broadcast users, who saw a real operational requirement for it,” said Tony Taylor, chairman and CEO of TMD. “They wanted to tighten their workflows by getting producers to approve content as quickly as possible, wherever they were. “Because we have built it on open standards, including HTML-5, it is easy for us to extend the functionality if required, or to port it to any new device or operating system that may become popular in the future,” he added.

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