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TMD claims next big thing in media asset management

23 May 2011
TMD claims next big thing in media asset management

“With more and more organisations having to realise the monetary value of their installations, Mediaflex V4 is set to revolutionise the media asset management model as we know it” explained Tony Taylor, CEO of TransMedia Dynamics (TMD).Modestly claiming it to be the “next big thing”, Taylor explained that asset management has to exist to support the business in better creating, managing and monetising the media content. It means that, alongside the asset database, there must be a business reporting platform to enable fast decisions making across the media operation.In version 4 of the Mediaflex platform there are new tools to support the decision making process, including direct support for managing queue priorities and automated load balancing for processor-intensive activities such as transcoding.Monitoring is also seen as a key differentiator, with Mediaflex providing not just realtime displays of all status and errors but rapid notification of errors wherever they occur in the production chain.

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