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TMD boosts workflows, process automation and analytics

14 December 2012
TMD boosts workflows, process automation and analytics

TMD, the provider of asset management systems for digital and physical assets, has added new functionality to its Mediaflex platform with the new Mediaflex CI module. Mediaflex CI – for content intelligence – delivers process automation and business analytics, together with workflow development tools, which can be used by any organisation. This adds the capability to understand and monetise the underlying content flows in an organisation to manage the whole media lifecycle. The key is in the ability to design workflows which are defined by business requirements, and which automate the processes as far as possible. That means implementing within them automated decision-making driven by business rules developed by the organisation. The decision making uses metadata harvesting and search management driven by the content files themselves, and it enables dynamic business process management by launching other processes based on the outcome of the decisions. “This is a remarkable addition to the Mediaflex platform, and transforms it from a leading asset management platform to a complete enterprise business system,” said Tony Taylor, chairman and CEO of TMD. “We know from our discussions with broadcasters, production companies and archives that they have to match content workflows with commercial decision-making to deliver economies as well as making the media available as widely as possible, and that is precisely what we have achieved with Mediaflex CI. It is also designed with the future in mind, for instance being inherently cloud ready so that the same business processes can be designed, wherever the content is and whoever is accessing the system.”

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