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Tividoo deploys LiveU app for SWR Mainz marathon

26 June 2013
Tividoo deploys LiveU app for SWR Mainz marathon

German production company Tividoo has used LiveU’s LU-Smart mobile application for regional broadcaster SWR’s online coverage of the recent Mainz marathon. The LiveU technology was supplied by LiveU’s German partner Netorium.

The LU-Smart app supports all iOS/Android devices and allows LiveU’s broadcasting and online video customers to extend their coverage using a smartphone or tablet. The app is based on LiveU’s fourth-generation uplink technology, and bonds internal Wi-Fi and cellular connections.

Tobias Gramm of Tividoo, said, “When we were preparing this production we turned to Netorium as we recalled a conversation about LiveU and its iPhone app for live transmission. We believe that LiveU has the only app that can stream at broadcast quality to a server with SDI output and this is what we chose. It worked very well allowing us to supply high quality coverage.”

Tividoo filmed the marathon from a car alongside the runners, and also held post-race interviews. The car was fitted with a Viprinet Multichannel 510 Router that can bond up to 4 x 4G networks as well as a Ka-Band satellite connection. This created a WLAN around the car. While moving and filming the runners 4G uplink connectivity was used, augmented with Ka-Band when stationary at the end of the race. An iPhone 5 with the LiveU LU-Smart app and an LTE SIM was attached to a steady rig and a stabilised car mount and used for the actual video capture.

Zion Eilam, LiveU’s Key Account executive, said, “Sporting events like this are an obvious candidate to benefit from our innovation and we’re very pleased that both the broadcast and online communities are adopting our technology.”

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