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Titan converts en masse

18 September 2009

Ateme’s Titan uses grid computing to parallelise processing, meaning that transcoding can be achieved faster than realtime, writes Ian McMurray.

According to the company, Titan can even transcode at 20 times faster than is possible with traditional methods – a two hour-long HD movie, for example, can be encoded in just 10 minutes.

“We’re not the only company using the principles of grid computing,” said product marketing manager, Remi Beaudouin, “but what differentiates our approach is its intelligence – the way we analyse both audio and video data in order to improve the final quality of the content. That, plus the speed at which we can do it.”

Key features of Titan, according to the company, are that it provides highly cost-effective transcoding for all three targets – TV, PC and mobile – and does so in a single pass. “Very few other companies are able to do that,” noted Beaudouin.

Leveraged from Ateme’s KFE 2 encoding system, Titan is a complete file-based processing system. From any SD/HD mezzanine file, the company says that Titan can produce a number of pristine video quality versions simultaneously: according to Ateme, this represents a ‘step change’ in the mass content delivery workflow.

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