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Timecode Buddy in action at NAB

2 April 2012
Timecode Buddy in action at NAB

The Timecode Buddy system, a duo of products developed by Timecode Systems, combines the latest circuit design, WiFi connectivity and sleek design. These new timecode solutions along with a free iOS app, enable productions to sync picture and sound across single, multi-camera and DSLR recording formats. “The whole concept for Timecode Buddy started shortly after I purchased a Sound Devices 552 mixer about two years ago,” explained Paul Scurrell, sound recordist and founder of Timecode Systems. “I wanted to be able to backup my mixer audio with timecode in the same way on every shoot. I also wanted something with its own display and with the functionality to control everything from simple menu options rather than DIP switches.” Paul and a panel of working broadcast sound professionals set out to develop a new timecode solution that was flexible enough to meet the needs of television and film today. The Timecode Buddy: master is a multi channel timecode transceiver with a highly accurate programmable generator and display. The Timecode Buddy: tx works alongside the master as a multi-channel timecode transmitter and timecode reader. Broadcast professionals can use the free Timecode Buddy: app to transform up to 10 iOS devices (iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch) into highly accurate digislates, all WiFi synced with the Timecode Buddy: master. C2150


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