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Three new switchers from Gefen

12 October 2006

Gefen has unveiled three new high definition video switchers that offer plug and play capabilities and valuation features in addition to a simple method of accessing multiple computers from one workstation.

A highly effective asset in many port-production environments, the Gefen 4×4 DVI Matrix, newly revamped, allows a completely intermixed connection of four computers to four high definition displays using DVI connectors. Users can assign any computer to any display independently using the IR remote that comes with the unit.

The rack-mountable unit comes with an optional RS-232 port for serial control systems and offers full HDCP-compliance for HDTV content, allowing no degradation. Video resolutions up to 1920 x 1200 are sustained on all displays at all times. High-speed USB and audio support makes this matrix a unique and effective KVM (keyboard, video, mouse) switching system, capable of multi-room or studio application.

The Gefen 8×1 DVI Switcher allows eight digital video sources, including computers, DVD players and satellite television systems, to be accessed independently using one digital video display. Users switch to their desired source using the IR remote; complete access takes less than 10 seconds. The 8×1 DVI Switcher comes with eight DVI source connector cables and rack ears for mounting.

The Gefen 4×1 DVI DL Switcher offers support for high definition displays and computer systems using dual link DVI connectors. It supports HD video resolutions up to 3840 x 2400 on all four computers, using one dual link DVI display such as Apple’s 30-inch Cinema Display. Brilliant HD visuals are switched for each computer along with high-speed USB 2.0 peripherals for keyboard/mouse and audio to accompany the video, making this a complete KVM switching solution. Access is controlled by remote control.

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