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Three-day Advanced 3D course

18 December 2010
Three-day Advanced 3D course

A new course, Advanced 3D – The National Stereoscopic 3D Training Programme, will take place in January and is being presented by Principal Large Format in association with Talking Point and funded by Skillset and Sky.

It is a two-part course. Part 1 will be held at BAFTA on January 25 for up to 220 attendees. The day will cover what you need to know to decide if a particular project is right for 3D, which 3D rig you should use, and the impact that your decisions have on design, post production, budget and schedule.
Part 2 on January 26 and 27 will be held at Twickenham Studios for up to 35 attendees (who also have to attend the opening day). This will provide a hands-on, guide to 3D movie making, using popular 3D rigs, as well as monitoring, recording and post-production tools.  3D equipment will be provided by On Sight, SGO Mistika, Telegenic and Mytherapy. Networking drinks and 3D screenings will take place on all three days.
“With the rapid growth of 3D gaming, cinema and the exciting launch of 3D TV, spearheaded by Sky, there are a wide range of creative and commercial opportunities. However, to position the UK as a true centre of 3D excellence, it’s essential that programme makers invest themselves in the art of 3D, so that we create world leading content.  That’s why we’re supporting valuable training programmes such as this," said Brian Lenz, Sky’s Director of TV Product Development.
PLF founder Phil Streather said that the two-stage nature of the course is one of the things that make it unique. “On the first day at BAFTA the sessions will take place in a 3D cinema as a stand-alone module, and we expect to host a broad range of broadcast, movie and advertising industry professionals to discuss everything from lens choices to budget implications. Then, on days two and three, we will take a smaller group of DoPs, First ACs, VFX Supers, Editors, Directors and Producers to apply some of the insights gained on the first day to real-world 3D content production.”
Streather has been involved in 3D master classes at NAB, IBC, 3D Masters, the Edinburgh International Film Festival and elsewhere. “I have a very practical and clean approach to 3D training. Clear definitions of terms, such as convergence, parallax and depth budget, are combined with hands on experience. I then explore 3D style and storytelling through the screening and analysis of a diverse selection of 3D material. Stereography is a craft science that every head of department involved in 3D production should now become versed [in].”
Day one will cost £250 (plus VAT), while all three days cost £750 (plus VAT).

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