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Thomson unveils Blu-ray encoder

3 March 2008

Thomson has announced the availability of the NexCode HD AVC Encoder, a next-generation encoder that provides compression tools to create content in Blu-ray Disc and other high definition formats.

Thomson developed the NexCode HD AVC Encoder by incorporating numerous capabilities into one, including automatic artefact correction, novel bitrate control and re-encoding parameter pre-set configurations. The result is a fast and flexible system that produces best-in-class video quality and is fully compliant with AVC and Blu-ray formats.

The NexCode HD AVC Encoder features a built-in video player with configurable split screen modes, which enables users to visually compare a scene before and after an encoding step. The solution’s fully adjustable re-encoding parameters allow customised scene-by-scene and frame-by-frame processing. The NexCode HD AVC Encoder is also equipped with Film Grain Technology, which allows flexible film grain adjustments. For dual-format projects, NexCode allows a single encode to be used for the creation of both Blu-ray and HD DVD compliant bitstreams.

The NexCode HD AVC Encoder benefits from Thomson-developed proprietary algorithms, which not only automatically detect and correct encoding artefacts but also preserve and improve the visual quality during ingestion. NexCode’s hardware configuration includes an encoding workstation and an optimised PC cluster architecture. The PC cluster and the storage space can be scaled to meet customer’s business requirements.

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