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Thomson Broadcast showing exciter for DVB-T2 migration

31 August 2011
Thomson Broadcast showing exciter for DVB-T2 migration

Already utilised in the UK for the World Cup, the new DVB-T2 exciter from Thomson Broadcast is designed for broadcasters’ migration to DVB-T2, writes Ian McMurray. It is also suitable for digital providers wishing to upgrade to DVB-T2 for greater bandwidth efficiency.

Along with DVB-T2, the Elite exciter supports the ISDB-Tb system, which is used for digital television broadcast in South America. An embedded SNMP agent and a web server are included to monitor the equipment.

Designed for rapid deployment for indoor or outdoor operation, the Elite 10 ISO frequency repeater is switchable in transposer mode and offers what is described as an ultra-efficient two-level digital echo canceller. As part of the Elite 10 repeater range, the new multi-channel version benefits from a number of advanced features and is said by Thomson Broadcast to be a highly efficient and cost-effective solution for multiplexed channels, with up to six-way capacity. It features active RF demultiplexing for high sensitivity input.

Thomson Broadcast also says that an alternative to satellite or telecom links is now available using DRM technology that produces a strong high-quality DRM shortwave signal that can be used for FM rebroadcasting. With this technology, the broadcaster has all his technical means in his own hands and is no longer dependent on third parties for distributing his program to low power FM/AM transmitters. Compared to satellite transponder bandwidth, Thomson says that the DRM transmission on shortwave is significantly lower in costs.


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