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The state of the industry

10 September 2010
The state of the industry

The last year has seen some of the most difficult trading conditions that many in the supply side of the industry can remember. While few have gone to the wall, no company has been exempt from dramatic changes.

And while there are signs that the global media industry is on the road to recovery, there is also a growing realisation that the recession has left deep-seated structural changes. We will never do business the same way again. That is the basis for a special free session in the conference called The state of the media industry – are we over the worst?

Peter White, director general of IABM, will start with a keynote in which he will reveal new and exclusive research commissioned specially for this session. The aim is to give delegates an up to date picture of where broadcasters and manufacturers believe their business is today, and where the prospects of the future lie.

The keynote will be followed by a panel discussion featuring Naomi Climer of Sony Professional Services (pictured), Jan Eveleens of Axon and Sam Pemberton of Softel.

With the exhibition opening at 10:30 this morning, this session starts at 8:00 to give exhibitors a chance to fully debate the issue and still get onto the show floor in plenty of time.

To ensure the debate is spread as widely as possible this session is free to all visitors and will be held in room E102.

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