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The smallest, biggest light

7 September 2012
The smallest, biggest light

Arri has launched a 9kW daylight fixture, said to combine the output of a 12kW with the compact body of a 6kW. It has dubbed the new unit ‘the smallest biggest light on set’. The new M90/60 is part of the Arrimax/M-Series, and completes the range between 1,2kW and 18kW. The unit is open-faced – and so very bright – and focusable from 17-55°. Osram developed a new 9kW lamp for the M90/60, similar in size to the 6kW lamp. Since the accompanying EB 6000/9000 ballast uses the housing of the current EB 6000, and existing 6kW head-to-ballast cables, the whole system is highly efficient and compact, says the manufacturer. The EB 6000/9000 operates from 110V-230V, and has Active Line Filter and CCL, which compensates for power losses even in very long head-to-ballast cables. This small ballast will also be available in a 1kHz version for high speed shooting with minimised flicker. – David Fox11.F21

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