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The Qyou takes to the skies

5 April 2016
The Qyou takes to the skies<BR /> 

Lufthansa Systems has selected The Qyou to supply content for in-flight entertainment systems throughout Europe.

The programming partnership, which will debut in the spring, is the first foray into in-flight entertainment for The Qyou.

Passengers will be able to watch episodes of The Qyou’s Q-Prime shows on demand on their tablets and smartphones via BoardConnect, Lufthansa’s wireless IFE solution.

Norbert Müller, senior vice president of BoardConnect at Lufthansa, said, “The rise of internet video has transformed people’s viewing preferences enormously, and driven a strong desire for short form, impactful content.

“Until now, this has been a missing ingredient from in-flight entertainment choices on our IFE platform BoardConnect, but by teaming up with The Qyou, we can reflect the kind of content that people are watching in their everyday lives.”

The Lufthansa Group owns over 600 aircrafts, making it one of the largest airlines in the world. The Qyou plans to expand the partnership to other Lufthansa customers throughout 2016.

Scott Ehrlich, CEO and co-founder of The Qyou, said, “The video revolution has brought with it a wealth of creativity.

“The internet is overflowing with short form content which has the power to enthrall and move an audience, and our goal has always been to help people discover these gems with expert curation and programming.

“For almost two years now, we have been bringing short form video to linear and interactive VoD formats, so it can be appreciated by new audiences in new ways.

“Taking to the skies is the logical next step for us. High quality entertainment has long been integral to the flying experience, and we’re thrilled that Lufthansa Systems will be bringing the best in new, viral content to passengers, packaged by The Qyou.”

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