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The Pope in 3D

4 April 2011
The Pope in 3D

The Vatican is proving itself more progressive than our Royal Family, in technology terms at least, with news that the Pope has sanctioned stereo 3D experiments with a view to future broadcasting of Papal speeches in 3D, writes Adrian Pennington.

Despite heavy lobbying by Sky for 3D coverage inside Westminster Abbey on 29 April, the Palace decided against it largely for logistical reasons.

Meanwhile tests in 3D stereo were carried out by Vatican Television Center (CTV) last week. The aim would not be to broadcast 3D as a money spinning venture but to distribute Papal events and messages in 3D to Houses of Worship, particularly in the US.

Last November CTV took delivery of a HD mobile outside broadcast unit outfitted by Sony Professional and ‘ready for future 3D applications’ a press release stated at the time.

Since 1983, CTV has broadcast the Pope’s pastoral ministry, covering about 200 events from inside the Vatican as well as the Pope’s travels in Italy and abroad each year. CTV footage is picked up by international broadcasters, news agencies and documentary producers around the world.

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