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The London Olympics to be captured in 3D

2 August 2011
The London Olympics to be captured in 3D

The 2012 Olympic Games will see at least 10 venues outfitted with stereo 3D cameras. The exact number of venues and event details has yet to be finalised but host broadcaster Olympic Broadcasting Services (OBS) has 3D in its sights, writes Adrian Pennington.

According to Luc Doneux, head EMEA/APAC & Major Events for EVS, whose server technology lies at the heart of the host broadcast operation, “Although 3D is still marginal in relation to the larger audience there will be a few of the main events [at the 2012 Olympics] in 3D. Feeds from 10 venues are being discussed. I would like to see all the athletics events covered in 3D but OBS hasn’t yet confirmed the exact number.”

A 3D feed would pave the way for the BBC to potentially transmit some events live in 3D over the BBC HD channel as it did for Wimbledon earlier this year.

Speaking a year ago, the head of OBS, Manolo Romero told TVBEurope that OBS would only capture the Olympics in 3D if there were proven demand from rights’ holding broadcasters.

Regardless of demand there has always been a strong argument for capturing some events, such as the opening and closing ceremonies and the men’s 100 metres in 3D for archive.

2012 rights’ holders including Australia’s Nine Network, the BBC, Sky Italia have all broadcast 3D content.

Meanwhile, Orange’s head of 3D, Ghislaine Le Rhun-Gautier, told TVBEurope that the IPTV operator is looking to secure the right to air Olympics 3D content from French FTA rights holders France Televisions.

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