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The IAAF World Athletics Championships 2013 supported by OKNO-TV

2 September 2013
The IAAF World Athletics Championships 2013 supported by OKNO-TV

OKNO-TV worked closely with the host broadcasters (VGTRK), the event management team and the EBU to participate in the IAAF World Athletics Championships held at the Luzhniki stadium, Moscow, last month.

OKNO-TV’s specialists were tasked to plan, design, supply, install, and operate the solution required to support independent programming on each of three large-screen 1080/50 displays in the stadium. The company supplied a Riedel communication system to unify the HB and event management teams’ talkback and also configured the stadium’s audio system. In addition, two mobile interview cameras and one com-cam were provided by OKNO-TV to provide extra content for the large screens.

The playout system catered for separate content to each screen, as well as commercial and sponsorship inserts. "This was the best setup I have experienced – we had a very successful visit with OKNO-Sport,” said Florian Hefferle, chief producer for the Event Presentation. “We were extremely lucky with our choice of integration partner", added Mikhail Butov, event organiser.


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