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The Connected World

16 August 2010
The Connected World

In the Connected World, consumers are experimenting. Using ever more diverse connected devices – from broadband-enabled TVs and STBs to notebooks, netbooks, tablets, smartphones and even games consoles – consumers are inventing new ways to find and consume media.

Since 2008, app stores have been expanding the Connected World by enabling media brands to help consumers find compelling content for their mobile phones. Apps are now being developed for other portable devices and even IPTV. And, in the Connected World, Digital Signage provides new connections with consumers in retail, education, transport, stadia and entertainment venues.

Bringing the popular IPTV, Mobile and Digital Signage Zones together under one roof in Hall 9, the Connected World will showcase the many new and exciting opportunities being created for the electronic media industry by IP, broadband and mobile distribution.

At the heart of the Hall 9, the Connected World Hub will stage a series of free-admission seminars, presentations and Business Briefings to help visitors understand the implications and opportunities of the Connected World.

Three Armchair Revolution sessions will provide an introduction to the Connected World by examining the new landscape in which users – and not necessarily the traditional players – are beginning to set the agenda for tomorrow’s broadcast industry.

The Connected World Hub is also the new home for IBC’s ever-popular Exhibition Business Briefings. Now in their fifth year, IBC visitors can learn from the experiences of companies that are already building businesses based on fixed and wireless broadband technologies, IPTV, Mobile and Digital Signage.

TelecomTV will be supporting and contributing to sessions in the Connected World Hub. Founded in 2001, TelecomTV transformed business-to-business communications by launching the first-ever online TV channel dedicated to the global ICT sector.

The Demo Stage @ The Hub will host demonstrations that illustrate how content is and will be managed, distributed and consumed across diverse consumer electronic devices in the new Connected World.

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