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TGCOM24 uses Teracue IPTV encoders

1 August 2013
TGCOM24 uses Teracue IPTV encoders

For its live reporting from various locations around the world, the Italian 24/7 news channel TGCOM24 (part of Mediaset) relies on compact mobile studios from its broadcast service provider, EI Towers. The “TOTEM” studios make it possible for the station to directly integrate its foreign correspondents into the news programme. Journalists and correspondents from New York, London, Brussels, Jerusalem and Rome can now initiate interviews and live connections single-handedly.

The compact TV studios are integrated into flight cases, and equipped with a robotic camera, microphone, lighting panel and displays. The technology is pre-configured with various pre-sets for live use and can also be administrated by remote access if needed.

Hardware encoders from Teracue are used in the systems. The video signals are compressed by ENC-200 H.264 encoders and streamed by EI Towers via the internet into the Milan master control room. Here, the live streams of all global TOTEMs are collected, decompressed by Teracue H.264 decoders in realtime and can then be used for further distribution.

The encoders and decoders also provide the integrated Teracue TALKBACK audio-conferencing function, enabling the interview questions to be transmitted from the studio presenter to the on-site correspondent.

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