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TG4 Ireland makes Landmark decision

26 January 2006

Harris Corp’s Landmark II system, a solution for the management and execution of complex air time campaigns, will provide Irish-language public broadcaster TG4 with an ATS system that will enable it to take advantage of oversold airtime capacity, writes Fergal Ringrose.

The system will produce precise campaign delivery against ratings data, increasing revenue and offering TG4 clients an improved mechanism to reach desired target audience.

TG4 Commercial Director Pádraig Ó Dómhnaill said, "We chose Harris on the strength of the Landmark ll success in the Irish market at RTÉ and Irish commercial broadcaster TV3, and because it incorporates the flexibility we need to meet our longer-term goals."

TG4 provides 16 hour-a-day service, seven of which are Irish-language only, received terrestrially in the Irish Republic, by satellite Sky Digital customers throughout Ireland, on cable and MMDS (multi-point microwave distribution system) in the Republic, or worldwide via web cast. TG4 also transmits on analogue terrestrial for the Belfast area. Landmark II will be installed in Dublin and includes the ability to be remotely accessed by users and management in Galway.


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