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TF1 enables DSNG intercoms

11 December 2009

French broadcaster TF1 has equipped four Digital Satellite News Gathering (DSNG) vans with Performer digital matrix intercom systems from Riedel.

The Performer 32 is specifically tailored for the requirements of smaller broadcast applications, events or theatre installations. It offers a cost-effective digital matrix intercom platform with a maximum capacity of up to 32×32 ports, and is based on an adaptive, modular concept.

Each of the DSNG vans utilises 24 matrix ports providing connection for control panels, analogue and digital signals and GPI/Os.

Artist 1000 series control panels complete the installation across all four vans, providing broadcast quality digital audio and eight-character LED in-key displays. They offer readability under varied lighting conditions, including direct sunlight. All four vehicles are already installed and in field operation.

The project to kit out the trucks was completed by Apex, which is Riedel Communications’ partner company for France, Belgium and Luxembourg.

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