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Test-run cameras in the IBC Production Village

4 July 2011

With the best will in the world the marketing that surrounds any product can be a little one-sided, so why not arm yourself with the information you really need at the IBC Production Village? This unique studio-based set-up contains the latest acquisition tools ready for you to put to the test, from hi-speed cameras to in-depth case studies with Inside Knowledge.

Designed for you to get a rare chance to use, rate and compare cameras side by side, the IBC Production Village is also home to expert technicians ready to answer all your queries.

Engage with the latest cameras
– in a state of the art, professional standard studio set up. This is an unrivalled opportunity for you to gain hands-on experience of new products with all their accessories to test and try before you buy.

The Inside Knowledge area – a chance to network with your peers who are already using the cameras demonstrated in the IBC Production Village, as well as other production pieces throughout the show, so that you can not only get the insight on this equipment, but also learn from them.

Custom-built environment – the production base for IBC TV News provides the added attraction of a working studio, providing visitors real insight into production technology, workflow and post-production techniques.

For more information, please visit the IBC website.

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