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Teracom turns to T-VIPS

24 August 2010
Teracom turns to T-VIPS

T-VIPS products have been chosen by Swedish media operator Teracom to enable the deployment of DVB-T2 for Sweden’s digital terrestrial network.

T-VIPS is to supply Teracom with the CP560 DVB-T2 Gateway and the CP541 TS Seamless Monitoring Switch. The project, which commences in 2010, will deliver HD and other next generation TV services to Swedish homes.

The CP560 DVB-T2 Gateway enables Teracom to protect its investment in current infrastructure by accommodating its existing DVB-T headend for DVB-T2 operation. The CP541 switch provides monitoring and switching capability in Teracom’s distribution network, ensuring that Sweden’s terrestrial viewers receive uninterrupted service.

Peo Gaasvik, CTO at Teracom, commented: “Teracom has always been at the forefront of terrestrial television broadcasting. We constantly adopt new technologies to improve our system for the benefit of our customers and viewers. This time we built out a brand new network for HD-based services on the new DVB-T2 specification. We selected T-VIPS solutions to provide key functionality in this network because of their overall terrestrial expertise and the strong functionality of the T-VIPS DVB-T2 gateway.”

Advantages of T-VIPS DVB-T2 solutions include: advanced functionality; an unrivalled track record; field-tested solutions for DVB-T/T2; support for Single Frequency Network (SFN) operation and both ASI and IP transport in the core network.
Johnny Dolvik, CEO at T-VIPS, remarked: “We’re proud to be playing a part in Sweden’s new and improved terrestrial TV services, thanks to Teracom choosing our DVB-T2 solutions. This is a major enhancement for terrestrial television in Sweden and our imaginative solutions will enable Teracom to deliver efficient, reliable and innovative services to their viewers.”

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