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Telson deploys second Front Porch Digital DIVArchive

1 August 2012
Telson deploys second Front Porch Digital DIVArchive

Spanish audiovisual services provider Telson has installed a second Front Porch Digital DIVArchive system in Madrid. The first system has been in use for many years as a deep archive for its customers’ video material. This second, independent DIVArchive unit serves as a disaster recovery site, which is the only video-archive disaster-recovery implementation in Spain. "We’ve been using DIVArchive ever since we implemented our tapeless workflow, so when the time came to create a disaster recovery site, adding a second system was the logical and obvious choice," said Alfredo Blanco, head project manager at Telson. The DIVArchive disaster recovery system, which is separated from the deep archive system by about six kilometers, is integrated with a tape library from Quantum. Blanco said what’s most important is that DIVArchive gives Telson a remote disaster recovery solution that is transparent to daily users. "We essentially forget about deep storage and focus on other things, with complete confidence that the system is doing its job," Blanco said. "The fact that Telson has installed a second DIVArchive unit in its multisite operation is a testament to the reliability and robustness of Front Porch Digital products," said Rino Petricola, senior vice president and regional manager of Front Porch Digital International. "This is just the sort of trust we strive to inspire, so it’s gratifying to have Telson give such a strong endorsement of our brand."

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