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Teletrax expands with Reuters

9 November 2006

Global broadcast intelligence company, Teletrax, has reached an agreement with Reuters Television to expand its monitoring footprint in key strategic worldwide regions and satisfy the growing needs of the worldwide news agency.

The deal was announced at Istanbul’s NewsXchange conference. During the conference, attended by more than 400 delegates from the world’s largest broadcast news organisations, Teletrax executives outlined the expansion of services to be provided to Reuters as well as Teletrax’s development of an array of new services: software tools to watermark content in both standard definition and high definition formats; software upgrades for watermarking digital, broadcast-quality MPEG2 video files and for facilitating network integration into existing production systems; an easier-to-use interface; and an enhanced underlying technology that inserts a more robust, yet still imperceptible, watermark.

Teletrax will add more than 30 new channels to its current global monitoring capability beginning in January 2007. To service Reuters’ needs, Teletrax will build monitoring sites in Dubai, United Arab Emirates; Taipei, Taiwan; Seoul, South Korea; and Istanbul. Reuters requested the additional channels to track its news broadcasts more comprehensively across the globe, with these geographic areas becoming increasingly important to its activities. Reuters has been using the Teletrax suite of comprehensive broadcast verification services to track subscribers’ actual usage of its news video across the world for more than four years.

“We have been very pleased with the intelligence Teletrax has been providing us on the use of our news coverage, and appreciate the way that Teletrax has evolved to meet our changing needs,” said Tony Donovan, MD, Reuters Television. “The data we receive provides us with very valuable editorial, marketing and developmental information, and has become central to our broadcast operations. In a logical progression of our partnership, we wish to expand the territories in which we monitor video so we are able to build a more detailed, complete, and ultimately more global picture of how broadcasters use our news content.”

“Reuters Television is an extremely important client for Teletrax, and our legacy as a trusted partner to the organization makes this a highly-valued relationship,” said Andy Nobbs, president of Teletrax. “We are proud that Reuters relies on our broadcast intelligence to serve as part of the backbone of its operations. We continue to evolve and improve our service to accommodate its swift-moving needs.”

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