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Teletest launches €10,000 Binorig

23 September 2011
Teletest launches €10,000 Binorig

Teletest’s fully motorised S3D mirror and parallel camera rig, the Binorig, is launched after two years of research and development. Claimed to be the ‘world’s most affordable, fully motorised broadcast stereo rig’, the Binorig is designed for one-man operation, with interaxial and convergence settings servo controlled, eliminating the need for a convergence puller. It lists for under €10,000 and has a remote control option for additional €1000. The first lot of ten rigs are already sold according to Teletest MD, Nick Rose. “The rig is Steadicam ready,” explained Rose. “As the interaxial distance is altered, the cameras move simultaneously to balance the rig. Then, when the convergence angle changes, the rig’s internal accelerometer acts as a gyroscope, providing constant feedback whilst maintaining a precise balance. “Binorig is lightweight and can be shoulder mounted, but is strong enough to support any broadcast camera such as Reds, Sony HDC-P1’s or PMW-EX3’s without flexing the rig’s frame,” he added. “It is extremely versatile and can be quickly converted into a motorised S3D parallel rig for giving distance shots a stereoscopic effect.” Cameras are mounted onto Teletest’s plates which in turn can be rapidly mounted onto the rig using a quick release system.  “We designed a complete package contained in two flight cases for stereographers or cameramen with little experience in shooting S3D,” said Rose. “It produces stunning S3D images which are as good as those produced by rigs costing 10 times the price.” Teletest is also launching the CYCLOPS-HD, a €2,000 S3D LCD monitor with four different set-up modes and anaglyph viewing, to calibrate stereo rigs on location. At 1,500nits, the unit is claimed to be ‘the world’s brightest broadcast LCD’. 

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