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Telestream to feature enterprise-class system management products

20 July 2011

Telestream will showcase three new enterprise-class system management products in the Vantage video workflow family – Vantage Enterprise Control, Vantage Master Control and Vantage Team Management – in Amsterdam, writes Carolyn Giardina.

Telestream has also recently announced the release of Vantage 3.0 software, which adds support for new video and audio formats, wrappers and systems, along with new video workflow design and automation features. Vantage server-based software automates tasks including content ingest, transcoding, video file interoperability, and multi-channel distribution for users including content owners and creators, as well as broadcast, cable and new media companies.

“The new Vantage products expand our capabilities in video transcoding and workflow automation with the proven large-scale media production and system management expertise gained from our Agility group,” said Barbara DeHart, vp of marketing at Telestream. “Vantage products now provide systems from single-server transcoding to very large and highly-complex systems.”

Vantage Enterprise Control is aimed at maximising workflow capacity with automated response to fluctuations in processing or media loads, customisable task scheduling, and tools for analysing system bottlenecks and throughput. Telestream suggests that Vantage Enterprise Control could help a user to save money and conserve power.

The second product, Vantage Master Control, adds dashboard views and historical reporting to provide visibility of the workflow and underlying systems involved. It also integrates Telestream Agility 2G transcoding services directly into Vantage, providing Agility 2G users with access to Vantage tools such as automated QC and input/output analysis.

Vantage Team Management allows the creation of user accounts and custom web-based job status views for any Vantage installation. With multiple operators, administrators and departments performing transcoding and video workflow automation tasks, this technology is aimed at providing user permissions and visibility management.


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