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Telestream releases new products with Vantage 6

2 October 2013
Telestream releases new products with Vantage 6

Telestream has announced the availability of Vantage 6, as well as two new products based on the Vantage platform. Post Producer automates production processes and TrafficManager streamlines commercial ingest and media management.

Based on user templates, Post Production assembles a segment or spot, compositing video, graphics, titles and captions or subtitles, and applying audio processing as required. Alternate versions are automatically created by substituting the necessary elements.

TrafficManager automates media ingest from digital delivery services and allows web-based submission from local and regional providers. It further processes and delivers commercial media to ad-insertion or on-air servers, processing content based upon playout schedule requirements. Internal processes are streamlined by automating loudness correction, format conversion and decision-making based on media attributes.

Telestream has also released Vantage Analysis Pro, which can be added to any Vantage product and is available as an upgrade to Vantage Analysis. It allows decisions to be made based on Dolby E metadata, MegaInfo and new QC compliance checking, removing the complexity of mixed media environments.

Finally, the Vantage video processing platform provides a range of transcoding and file-based workflow automation products. The platform brings transcoding, media capture, metadata processing, analysis, and content assembly into a single system.

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