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Telestream enables dynamic scalability with Vantage Cloud

26 April 2013
Telestream enables dynamic scalability with Vantage Cloud

Telestream is extending its Vantage file-based video transcoding and workflow automation software to cloud-based environments. Vantage Cloud makes it easy to run all the capabilities of Vantage – including automated transcoding, media processing, analysis, and packaging – on cloud-based infrastructure. By unifying with on-premise systems, Vantage Cloud enables users to quickly respond to new formats, regulatory requirements, and fluctuating workflow needs. Telestream has also partnered with Amazon Web Services (AWS) for its initial deployment.  "Vantage was built for scale and very large deployments. Vantage Cloud now allows users to run Vantage in an elastic, hosted environment," said Barbara DeHart, vice president of marketing at Telestream. "Vantage Cloud combines the exceptional quality, video processing, and broad format support that Vantage offers with the pay-as-you-go pricing option that cloud-based services like AWS offer." Vantage workflow automation and system management capabilities allow interaction between on-premise and cloud-based systems, creating a unified hybrid environment. Vantage Cloud creates a secure workflow system that provisions Vantage transcoding software at hosted services like AWS. This includes CPU or GPU-based transcoding, media analysis, automated decision making, and third-party system integrations. Vantage Cloud enables users to quickly and easily respond to peak demands, dynamically scaling their media processing workflows up and down as needed, without having to invest in additional hardware or software.

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