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Telenor Satellite Broadcasting picks ViBE VS7000 for multi-screen streaming

18 January 2013
Telenor Satellite Broadcasting picks ViBE VS7000 for multi-screen streaming

Telenor Satellite Broadcasting (TSBc), a provider of digital pay-TV services in the Nordic region, has chosen the Thomson Video Networks‘ ViBE VS7000 multi-screen video platform to deliver streaming services for its key broadcast clients.

"With the introduction of the ViBE VS7000 multi-screen transcoding platform, Thomson Video Networks has delivered a very interesting new product," said Torkel Aamodt Thoresen, chief technologist (broadcast), Telenor Satellite Broadcasting. “In our operation, the VS7000 produces excellent picture quality while at the same time offering critical functions such as blackout management, service monitoring, and flexible DRM handling."

Fitting into TSBc’s extensive system architecture, the Thomson Video Networks ViBE VS7000 handles 26 services, each formatted, compressed, and ready for multi-screen delivery. The ViBE VS7000, with its integrated management and redundancy system, offers a flexible solution for service expansion. TSBc benefited from this flexibility when its service lineup nearly doubled during the installation phase due to high demand from its customers.

"TSBc has shown an ongoing commitment to innovate and push the boundaries with technology, and that’s been a large factor as the company has established its leadership position in the Nordic region, Central Europe, and the Middle East. We are proud to be a trusted technology partner in this effort," said Christophe Delahousse, president, Thomson Video Networks. “In selecting our ViBE VS7000 multi-screen solution, TSBc has shown its deep technical understanding of the requirements for delivering television broadcasting services at the highest quality. Our partnership is a real testament to Thomson Video Networks’ core values of quality, reliability, and broadcast technology innovation." 

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