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Telegenic to provide 3ality?

25 February 2010

Telegenic is in prime position to provide independent UK producers with 3ality Digital stereo 3D camera rigs, reports Adrian Pennington.

Although negotiations are still ongoing with a UK partner, 3ality is looking to set up shop here to serve growing demand across Europe and to cut shipping costs of its equipment from LA.

Asked about his plans Steve Schklair, 3ality Digital’s CEO said: “Go talk to Telegenic. Watch this space.”

As first revealed by TVBEurope, Telegenic is planning to design and outfit a second _4m dedicated 3D outside broadcast vehicle for its own use, potentially with Sony as the build partner. The High-Wycombe-based firm is already outfitting the UK’s first dedicated 3D truck for Sky with up to seven 3ality rigs. The truck will be used almost exclusively for Sky 3D productions, notably one Premier League match a week beginning in April.

“We are going to build our own 3D truck to hit the road around July or August depending on kit availability,” said Telegenic’s business unit manager, Eamonn Curtin. “We will have our own 3ality rigs in the truck so we can work on a wider range of 3D productions without having to ask Sky’s permission [which it currently needs if it is to supply its first truck for non-Sky productions].”

The move could form the basis of a wider sales and rental partnership with 3ality.

Sky’s initial technical spec for the production of Sky 3D sports includes 3ality technology and demand for the rigs is likely to outstrip demand, initially at least. Rival stereo rig manufacturer Element Technica has a rental agreement in place with Panavision.

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