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Telefónica backs FirstV1sion’s on-body sports camera

12 March 2015

FirstV1sion, makers of an immersive wearable broadcast system and a member of Telefónica’s accelerator programme, Wayra, has launched its first investment round. Using a crowdfunding platform, the company intends to raise at least €2.5 million for its wearable broadcast system, designed to immerse fans into a sports game through the player’s point of view. 

Last year Telefónica became FirtV1son’s first strategic investor when the company entered Telefónica’s startup accelerator, Wayra, part of the company’s innovation and entrepreneurial programme, Open Future. Following Telefónica’s involvement, professional athletes Andrés Iniesta (FC Barcelona) and Serge Ibaka (Oklahoma City Thunder) showed their support by becoming partners and investors in the company. Now, FirstV1sion aims to incorporate sports fans into its shareholder base in a round of at least €2.5 million hosted on the equity crowdfunding platform Bank To The Future (BTTF).

“Through an equity crowdfunding model, sports fans have the opportunity to be a part of this revolution in sports broadcasting,” commented Jose Ildefonso, CEO and founder of FirstV1sion.

By combining a full-HD camera with a professional RF transmission system, FirstV1sion provides viewers with broadcast-quality footage from a different angle, designed to make replays and tense sporting moments more exciting and immersive.  Additional features, including sound and biometric sensors, complete the design. FirstV1sion has just signed a contract with Euroleague and was piloted in a recent Real Madrid vs Barcelona game, reaching 20 million viewers.

With the help of Bank To The Future and Spanish venture capital law firm M & Partners, FirstV1sion expects to have more than 5,000 investors, from across the world.

Ildefonso continued, “the enthusiasm and passion for sport transcends national borders. FirstV1sion wants to connect people regardless of where they come from, bringing these sports-like values into the company.”

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