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Telefónica Global Delivery Service is Wowza

14 November 2011
Telefónica Global Delivery Service is Wowza

Global Delivery Service is an initiative from European telco Telefónica to provide a global multi-screen content delivery network (CDN). It is now implementing the Media Server from Wowza as a single point source for content in Flash and Silverlight for computers, and appropriate formats for the range of tablets, smartphones and other video-capable devices.

The Wowza Media Server simultaneously streams live and on-demand content. It provides a single scalable platform supporting multiple functionality including adaptive bitrate streaming, any screen time shifted playback, and premium content delivery with multi-platform DRM.

The Telefónica Global Delivery Service already has more than 40 nodes in 10 countries in Europe and the Americas, and is expected to end the year with nodes in 22 cities and a total capacity of 600 Gbps. Future expansion plans will see it expand both its geographical reach and its capacity to 2 Tbps.

“Wowza’s unified approach to media serving enables us to build an infinitely scalable network that meets the needs of our customers, to deliver media to the full range of screens and devices,” said Fernando Fronza, video and CDN global services director at Telefónica. “Wowza is providing us not only with a highly cost-effective media server but with a robust platform for high-value services that complements our ongoing development.”

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