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Teleclub upgrades to HD with Harris

30 January 2013
Teleclub upgrades to HD with Harris

Swiss pay-TV operator Teleclub has implemented a major HD upgrade to its facilities at Volketswil near Zurich. The extensions include two Harris NEXIO server systems to support its sports and drama channels, together with Harris branding, signal processing and workflow systems. The larger of the two NEXIO server systems is dedicated to sports, and includes 19 four-channel Harris NEXIO AMP servers providing a total of 76 HD channels.  NEXIO Farad shared storage incorporates Harris’ patented Intrinsic Mirroring functionality for full redundancy. On a sports weekend, Teleclub records up to 36 HD channels simultaneously. An extension to the NEXIO edit-in-place capabilities developed by Harris allows Final Cut Pro editors to work on growing files as they are recorded, and create instant highlights packages for halftime and after the match. The second server system is dedicated to playout of the drama channels, and contains six four-channel NEXIO AMP servers, again sharing NEXIO Farad storage. The project also includes Harris Invenio Motion digital asset management software, which enables users to design and automate custom workflows. It also ensures that all databases needing access to content and metadata on the two new server systems are maintained in synchronisation without manual intervention. An extension to the existing Harris ADC automated content management and distribution system controls transmission from the new servers. The installation also includes the Harris Selenio media convergence platform, which provides Teleclub with automated signal processing and logo insertion.  The Selenio integration helps to control and supervise baseband video and audio signals throughout the facility. Furthermore, its compact design reduces space, power and cabling requirements. “We needed to build an infrastructure to meet our viewers’ expectations for HD on all our channels, and we took this opportunity to develop a new workflow system which would allow us to operate efficiently and effectively,” said Benno Zimmermann, head of playout and production center at Teleclub.  “We have a long and comfortable working relationship with Harris and its local dealer, Videolink, who were able to demonstrate that they had the technology and could implement it within our timescales.”

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