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Telecast Fiber Systems to introduce Cobra II

31 August 2011
Telecast Fiber Systems to introduce Cobra II

The Cobra II from Telecast Fiber Systems is billed as the first technology to extend the industry’s newest digital triax-based camera chains using simple, inexpensive fibre optic cable. Several other innovations for fiber optic transport will also be showcased at IBC2011.

“First launched in 1996, the tried-and-true Cobra D has become a mainstay of triax-to-fiber connectivity for a wide range of video transmission installations, including outside broadcasting, sports venues, and corporate and industrial video delivery systems,” commented Steve DeFrancesco (pictured), vice-president and general manager of Telecast Fiber Systems. “And now, with the Cobra II, we’ve advanced the functionality to make it compatible with today’s next-generation digital triax cameras.”

Initially supporting Sony’s new high-definition digital triax camera chains, such as the HXC-100K and HSC-300K, the Cobra II enables their use over durable, lightweight tactical fiber or within an installed fiber optic infrastructure. It is suitable for an installation around a building, across a campus, or even 20km across town using metropolitan ‘dark fiber’.

Using Telecast Fiber System’s TelePort 3G systems, several digital triax cameras can be ‘muxed’ together onto a single pair of fibers.

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