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Tektronix upgrades network quality assurance

20 July 2012
Tektronix upgrades network quality assurance

Tektronix has upgraded its Medius centralised management server to give facilities and service providers a better view of content as it flows through large, geographically distributed networks. The dashboard provides new views of Sentry reports, delivering more programme status and alert status information per screen. The new views include a geographical view that displays all of the monitoring points on a map and quickly highlights problem areas or regions. This helps users identify issues and take action more quickly. There is also a grid view that shows a programme’s alert status across all monitoring points to identify source locations with video and audio problems, and a tile view for a quick snapshot of all alerts to determine which areas need the most attention. Medius collects, organises and displays information from multiple Sentry units distributed along the signal flow to determine the health of the transport stream and ultimately the viewers’ quality of experience. Sentry units provide for early detection and diagnosis of video and audio issues, including freezes, macro-blocking, video over compression and audio loudness errors. A Sentry network can scale to monitor every programme in the network at multiple critical points for technical errors. Medius then allows that depth of information to be presented to the operator clearly.


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