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Tektronix unveils Prism

29 March 2016
Tektronix unveils Prism<BR /> 

Tektronix has announced Prism, a hybrid SDI/IP media analysis platform.

According to the company, the platform is an industry first, enabling a transition from SDI-based to IP-based infrastructure.

The release comes in the middle of an industry migration to IP, and Prism is designed to smoothen the transition and offer consistency by diagnosing and correlating SDI and IP signal types to identify root causes of any potential errors.

“With Prism, we are providing an essential tool for broadcasters and content creators that will give them the confidence to build out IP facilities,” said Charlie Dunn, general manager of the video product line at Tektronix.

“On top of new forms of analysis, we know a big part of our job is to help our customers leverage the existing workflows, talent, and infrastructure as they embark on these changes.

“It represents a future-proof solution that will continue to give our customers the flexibility and insights they need well beyond the transition period.”

Prism is also designed to accommodate a wide range of application needs, and the company has stated that it will be continuously updated as new technologies and standards emerge over time.

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