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Tektronix launches Cerify

27 April 2006

Trailed as the world’s first automated verification system for file-based digital video content, Tektronix says its new Cerify unit ensures broadcasters know content is correct before it is transmitted, ensuring higher levels of end-customer viewing satisfaction.

Compressed digital content is complex and can use different standards, resolutions, formats and metadata that must be accurately specified and encoded if the content is going to reach the end-viewer and be played correctly. Tektronix claims that Cerify is the only product on the market that fully tests all aspects of stored compressed video and audio quality to ensure it meets the system parameters, formats, resolutions, bit-rates, video/audio quality levels and compliance/correctness to a wide-range of specified video and audio standards.

Broadcasters that have tested the unit seem to agree.

"We have built a facility that stores content as files and utilises a file transfer infrastructure," said Clyde Smith, senior vice president of engineering, Turner Broadcasting. "Automated QC is essential to maintain the high quality level of our feeds and keep operating costs reasonable. Using conventional test equipment that requires the files to be taken back to baseband, not only lowers quality but does not test all aspects of the material that need to be checked. In order to satisfy our customers’ needs, we feel it is important to be thorough and consistent in checking the quality and transmission parameters of all levels of content from baseband through transport streams. Tektronix Cerify is a real help with this endeavour."

Controlled via a standard web-browser interface, the Tektronix Cerify system comprises one or more rack-mounted media test units. Multiple Cerify Media Test Units are controlled by a Cerify Controller and are used on a network, providing enhanced throughput for multiple content channels, load balancing, and automatic re-distribution in the event of failure of any component. Cerify works with almost all video standards and formats while a "CeriTalk" application programming interface is under development for integration of Cerify with broadcast automation systems.

Cerify is available in various configurations, including the CYC100 for single-unit installations and the CYS100 plus CYM100 for Cerify solutions including enhanced throughput for multiple content channels, load re-distribution and automatic redundancy in network "cluster" configurations.


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