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Tedial Ficus Web simplifies workflows

6 March 2012

Making several worldwide debuts is Tedial, who will present its range of software for broadcast ranging from Media Asset Management (MAM) and Hierarchical Storage Management (HSM) to Business Process Management (BPM). Following in-depth feedback from customers, Tedial has redesigned the interface to its Tarsys MAM solution; further enhancing operator experience and providing additional features for cataloguing, editing and exporting media to third-party systems. The new GUI has been specifically designed to simplify collaborative working between professionals in any media enterprise and beyond. To enable the implementation, monitoring and execution of production workflows in a full web-based environment, Tedial will unveil its Ficus Web Client. Delivering unique features including proxy editing followed by the automatic creation of a high resolution version, the Ficus Web Client makes tasks such as segmentation of media as well as compliance editing possible. The new Ficus Web Client will further simplify business procedures and workflows. With new support for closed captioning, Tedial can now provide support for closed captioning throughout the entire lifecycle of content and execution of media workflows. Tedial’s ingest management tool provides full control of a wide range of VTRs and other devices. The latest version, which will be demonstrated on the stand at NAB, supports industry standard protocols for routers and features a powerful source scheduler application. This enables operators to schedule, access and plan work around any current or future ingest feed. N6506

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