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Technicolor receives binding offer for Thomson Video Networks

17 March 2011
Technicolor receives binding offer for Thomson Video Networks

Technicolor has announced that it has received a binding offer to acquire the Thomson Video Networks business from the Fonds de Consolidation et de Développement des Entreprises (FCDE) – a capital development fund which finances the development and recovery of SMEs demonstrating a strong potential for success.

The investment includes 100% ownership of everything considered to be part of Thomson Video Networks. This includes the entire portfolio: video encoders/decoders, MPEG processors, video servers, datacasters, network management, monitoring and switching product lines, the associated R&D centres, and the systems activities worldwide.

The offer also comprises the Thomson Video Networks’ sales and customer support organisations around the world, as well as the various management and administrative support functions. The use of the Thomson brand, which has been synonymous with expertise and innovation at the highest level and a trusted partner to the world’s leading broadcasters, is also part of the offer.

The FCDE’s management style is said to be based on close collaboration with the management team of each company in which it invests – the aim being to ‘guarantee a stable foundation as an independent entity’ and to allow for ‘strong, steady, continued growth.’

“The FCDE is an excellent partner for us, with a management team that possesses the knowledge we require to excel as an independent structure and a clear, consistent track record in building up independent companies. The FCDE fully supports Thomson Video Networks in its continued global-growth strategy and sustained investment in R&D so as to ensure constant evolution and technological leadership,” said Christophe Delahousse (pictured), president, Thomson Video Networks.

“Thomson Video Networks is fully satisfied that this deal has very positive benefits both for the company and for its customers, partners and suppliers. We will be able to develop to our full potential as an independent organisation strongly committed to R&D, and our clients will continue to benefit from our innovative product portfolio as well as our remarkable level of customer service, which allows us to quickly respond to evolving market needs.”

During the transition and beyond, service will continue uninterrupted with all existing contracts, service agreements and warranties honoured according to their current terms. Thomson Video Networks business contacts will remain the same and, until the sale is final, Thomson Video Networks will continue to operate as a business division of Technicolor.

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