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Technicolor provides processing and support for Danny Boyle’s Trance

24 January 2013
Technicolor provides processing and support for Danny Boyle’s Trance

Danny Boyle has employed Technicolor’s elite motion picture services for psychological thriller Trance. Technicolor; based in Lexington Street in Soho, London, provided full processing and digital lab support for the feature, with Digital Manager at Technicolor, Dan Mulligan, leading the charge. Formats used for Danny Boyle’s latest digital feature included high-quality Alexa Arriraw, Canon 5D and IndieCam (CinemaDNG). The project saw the Arriraw archive used to master and clone RAID storage, and Arriraw Avid MXF creation with full ALE and 3D LUT applied for offline. The team ensured that full QC reports and data integrity checks were performed with the IndieCam processing to both Avid offline and new master file formats as required. The Canon 5D CR2 file processing was provided on 24p timeline. Dan Mulligan of Technicolor commented: “We designed and built a full custom Lab at our Soho Lexington street studios to support this project. The team received and delivered huge amounts of data daily, in addition to many flavours of digital formats. Challenges included turning around 24 hours of rushes for the next day, which we are happy to say we were able to deliver.” Trance is scheduled for release in the UK on 27 March

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