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Technicolor launches 3D services

23 March 2010
Technicolor launches 3D services

The world’s first independent broadcast services platform for 3D broadcasts has been launched by Technicolor in London, writes David Fox.

The 3D service includes the management of live or pre-recorded content, from post production through encoding for satellite, cable, IPTV or terrestrial distribution. It includes the generation and 3D positioning of graphical elements, like logos, and subtitling. This can be achieved in realtime (allowing subtitles, for example, to be positioned on the correct 3D plane for each shot, with subtle transitions between shots, to maintain the 3D viewing experience), thanks to new software developed by Technicolor.

The new Broadcast 3D transmission suite at its Chiswick Park offices also uses equipment from Sensio, Orad and Miranda.

“Broadcast 3D is a natural extension of the many services we’re already providing, including upstream in production and post production, as well as delivering the highest quality 3D images to theatres and to the home via Blu-ray Disc, broadcast, and digital delivery,” said Chuck Parker, president of Technicolor’s Digital Content Delivery business.

According to its Chief Operating Office, Will Berryman: “The economics of transmission for 3D aren’t much different from HD. Encoding at 10Mbps works pretty well.”

Technicolor has also announced a new film-based 3D system for cinemas that will be a lot cheaper than installing digital projectors (but without any of the sync or registration problems typical with film) and has also added services for Blu-ray 3D (the first product of which is just about to ship) and auto-stereoscopic content delivery on mobile phones.

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