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Technicolor joins Broadpeak Open Alliance

7 September 2012
Technicolor joins Broadpeak Open Alliance

The new Broadpeak Open Alliance (BOA) is designed to encourage interoperability amongst third-party technology providers, and aims to improve and accelerate OTT rollouts.

"Given the increase in OTT video offerings, pay-TV operators are challenged to build a compelling service to differentiate themselves within the market," said Jacques Le Mancq, CEO and president, Broadpeak. "We believe the most successful OTT video solutions rely on best-of-breed technologies because they give operators the freedom to change any piece of equipment within their video infrastructure if a better solution is available. In launching the Broadpeak Open Alliance, our goal is to create an open environment so that cable and telecom operators can deliver a more competitive and differentiated service offering."

The idea is that by employing a best-of-breed approach to video content services over broadband networks, operators can select the best technology available for each component of the delivery chain — from the headend equipment to the home network systems. BOA will create a technical framework for this vision, enabling Broadpeak to test its solutions with other technologies from strategic partners to ensure interoperability.

The testing process will initially involve home network components such as broadband home gateways, STBs, and middleware. The second phase will target other components of the OTT delivery ecosystem, including video headend equipment, conditional access systems, and service platforms, in an effort to offer unique features with Broadpeak’s partners.

Technicolor will integrate Broadpeak’s nanoCDN technology with its own broadband gateways open software. “We are thrilled to partner with Technicolor, the leading manufacturer of gateway solutions for the cable and telco markets, on this important initiative,” said Le Mancq.

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