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TeamCast software release for RQX-1510 OEM measurement probe

20 June 2011
TeamCast software release for RQX-1510 OEM measurement probe

The new S110 software release from DTT digital modulation/demodulation specialist TeamCast for the ISDB-T/TB OEM Quality of Service (QoS) measurement probe RQX-1510 includes per layer MER and constellation display facilities, as well as output IP streaming capabilities.

Reflecting the growing demand for ISDB-T/TB professional demodulators and high quality QoS measurement systems, the RQX-1510 QoS probe arrives as a compact OEM ISDB-T/TB probe that provides ‘top class’ RF measurement figures and data.

As the ISDB-T/TB layered modulation technique allows the transmission of different classes of service within the same RF channel (e.g. HDTV service plus Mobile 1-Seg service), there is a need to measure and to monitor independently some key QoS parameters for each of the services – for example, the IQ constellation diagram and the modulation error ratio (MER).

In acknowledgement of IP network utilisation patterns, the new software version supports per network layer IQ constellation displays, per layer high level of MER measurement, and output MPEG-TS over IP streaming.

Emmanuel Raguet, product line manager of the QoS products at TeamCast, commented: “This software release brings new innovative features that will enable system integrators to better follow network operators’ and broadcasters’ demands for more efficient monitoring features for ISDB-T/TB services.

“Our close relationship with the main players in this market space allows us always to ensure a perfect match between our product features and the needs of the business. This RQX-1510 new release is yet another example of this perfect matching of product to needs. It allows us to be in the lead in a market that we consider will be most promising in the coming years.”

Stand No: 2.B51

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