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TeamCast launches DVB-T2 signal analyser

2 February 2012
TeamCast launches DVB-T2 signal analyser

Digital modulation company TeamCast has launched Odyssey, a test and measurement tool that analyses and qualifies DVB-T2 RF signals. DVB-T2 is the second generation of digital television, using the latest modulation and coding techniques to deliver superior performance and improved payload bit rates for terrestrial broadcast. The Odyssey signal analyser examines the quality and characteristics of any DVB-T2 signals. Its large screen allows users to visualise spectrum, constellation (L1 and PLP), MER+SNR and EVM, power level, power distribution, shoulders (right and left) and delay profiles. Fully compliant to the ETSI-302755 standard, Odyssey automatically detects modulation parameters and can demodulate PLPs to supply content to any decoder. "DVB-T2 standard for terrestrial transmission of digital television is now adopted by most of the European broadcasters,” said Christophe Trolet, head of the TeamCast solutions business unit. “In less than three years, four countries decided to use this standard for their terrestrial commercial networks and others declare that they will use it for their new systems in the near future. Today, DVB-T2 is the most promising digital standard. Thus, manufacturers across the world are preparing their new equipment and solutions. Odyssey has been designed to help them during their development phase in their laboratory.”

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