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Teamcast joins German DVB-T2 trial

21 December 2010
Teamcast joins German DVB-T2 trial

TeamCast has partnered with Media Broadcast GmbH, Germany’s national DTT operator, to support the DVB-T2 Project in North Germany.

Media Broadcast has deployed a DVB-T2 test network in Germany to measure the performance of this second generation standard for digital terrestrial television including, in particular, multi-service layered modulation (Multi-PLP) and SFN-MISO (Multiple inputs, Single Output) transmission technique. To this end, TeamCast has provided its DVB-T2 modulator, the market leading Power4-T2, for the on field operations. TeamCast has upgraded the software of this flagship product, the Power4-T2, to perfectly meet the expectations of Media Broadcast. In this application, the TeamCast Power4-T2 can support up to 8 parallel PLP inputs.

“The implementation of 8 PLP in our product, the Power4-T2, is part of the logical progression of development for DVB-T2 technology in TeamCast’s laboratories,” said Eric Pinson, head of the Technology Business Unit at TeamCast. “After the S110 software release in February, which provides the capability to operate SFN networks in full compliance with the DVB-T2 standard, and the S120 release at IBC, which supports MISO (Multiple Inputs, Single Output) transmission modes and Multi-PLP, TeamCast has extended the functionality of the product even further by including 8 PLP. The development work for this latest release enables Media Broadcast and its project partners in Germany to test and set up still more services for this trial.”
“Using multi-service layered modulation enables us to measure the most demanding conditions such as urban and rural environments as well as cases like rotated and un-rotated constellations in parallel. TeamCast is a partner who enables us to go even further in this trial, in terms of the extensive testing that we require for DVB-T2 parameter selection″ added Stefan Krueger, Head of Broadcast Platforms and Services at Media Broadcast GmbH.

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