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Team 4 has Bright idea

7 August 2009

Ex-broadcast systems integrator Team 4 has changed its name, to Bright Space Technologies, and its focus, to become a trade-only distributor to the AV and broadcast industry.

“For more than 20 years Team 4 had been well regarded as a systems integrator with a reputation for building solid AV and broadcast systems,” explained Colin Clarke, senior technical sales and support manager, of Bright Space Technologies. “However, the market has moved on and following the company’s acquisition by IVC Media two years ago we have spent some time re-focusing our offering. Bright Space Technologies has now been officially formed with the remit to meet the desires of the AV and broadcast trade and to have a true set of values that meet the challenges of convergence.

“Bright Space no longer integrates systems directly for users but offers its considerable knowledge and experience to other resellers and integrators as a distributor, supplying its represented manufacturers products to organisations such as the BBC, BSkyB, ITV, Molinare, XL Video and Creative Technology, to name just a few. Our policy and pricing is designed to provide the ‘best value’ to the trade for all our products and to enable those who work with us to feel confident that the representation we provide is an extension of our manufacturers’ presence.”

Bright Space Technologies distributes AV and broadcast solutions from manufacturers including: Telemetrics, Analog Way, Darim, Avocent, MW Video Systems, TeleScript, and MultiDyne. Bright Space also supplies consultancy services to many areas within the media fields. The company can provide support with RFPs and advice about the equipment, technologies, processes and implementation of various AV and broadcast systems and their specific applications.

“Because of the rising levels of complexity in today’s communication technologies, increasingly, government departments and large corporates are finding that they need to look outside of their in-house personnel to acquire unbiased advice and expertise in system design capabilities for communication projects,” explained Clarke. “As well as being able to provide the right AV and broadcast solutions, Bright Space has the resources to meet and often exceed these requirements.”

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